SS15: The Lambein Bash

June 12, 2006

Starry’s Sky is now listed at PodCast Pickle! Please go and add me!
This episode features the car ride to the restaurant where our dorm had our end-of-the-year party. Enjoy the craziness that is the trio of Sue, Stacy and Megan.
Note: The bit of inconsistency in the middle is due to me editing out a section that the weak of stomach might not enjoy.

SS14: Visiting WRVO

June 11, 2006

Hi everyone!
I recorded this post on my phone at the spur of the moment as my parents and I were touring the station offices of our local NPR station. I apologize in advance for the crummy sound quality.

This post replaces the last installment of the dinner series, since I was unable to edit everything. If anyone would like to hear that crazyness, simply let me know.

More episodes will arrive shortly.
Take care, everyone!

If anyone besides myself reads this…

May 10, 2006

I have a few questions:

  1. Do you think the show should have a theme song?
  2. Would you prefer that the show be put out a certain day of the week, e.g. every Thursday? Or do you like the sporadic posting format?

Please leave comments regarding this! I want to make this show as listener friendly as possible!

SS13: At the End of the Year Part 2 – The Dinner Itself

May 7, 2006

Sorry for the lack of an intro, and the delay. Things have been busy! But please Email me, leave a comment, or add yourself to The Frappr Map.
Show notes for this episode:
00:00: Pastor Todd asks about seating arrangements.
00:16: I try to stay out of the spotlight.
1:07: My lax church attendance, and my excuses for it.
2:29: Mr. Roeske tries not to spill spaghetti sauce on anyone.
3:11: Mr. Roeske says grace.
3:48: The dinner options, including a selection of noodles.
5:45: Rachel: How many white noodles would you like?
7:04: I have the middle-of-the-table curse.
7:28: I discuss my dad’s theory on how to eat spaghetti with extra flatware.
7:59: “Half-when.”
8:15: Blackberry bread.
9:13: The pop-up hostess phenomenon.
9:45: Lisa and her plans for the coming summer.
10:43: The Roeske’s talk about there time in New Hampshire, Rachel’s Home state..
15:30: I talk about the Renaissance Fair in Sterling, New York.
17:39: The grandchildren are disappointed they can’t see us.
18:05: Mrs. Roeske asks about my home church, which her daughter also attends.
19:07: Rachel got into the Africa program, yea!
20:31: Pastor Todd’s from Indiana, so we talk about it for a while.
21:38: Rachel and Pastor Todd talk some more about Africa.
23:11: Pastor Todd likes to eat, and play noonball.
24:25: Rosemary asks about the Roeskes’ other grandkids.
25:38: Mrs. Roeske saves a bird from the neighborhood cat.
26:22: Cats in cars.
31:30: The Roeskes’ went to the zoo.
32:47: Napkin rings and other traditions, including Christmas.
39:25: Dessert?
39:58: We talk about the weather.
41:45: Un-birthday cake.
45:35: Photos, cake, etc.
49:13: I’m picky about how I have my fruits.
52:42: Do you know what’s-his-face?
53:30: You know you’re at Houghton when…

SS12: End of the Year Part 1 – Going to a Special Dinner

April 29, 2006

For the very first time, I have time-coded show notes! Let me know if you like this.

00:00: Intro: Date, who I am, blah blah blah. I have decided to finally number my shows.
00:16: Thanks to Steve Runner at Phedippidations for his kind words about the podcast.
01:11: I introduce the upcoming series of End-of-the-year shows.
03:50: Contact info. Please send me feedback!
The Dinner part 1:
04:24: Semi-intro and preparation for the night
09:50: Chat with my neighbor Sam from down the hall
10:30: I ramble while walking upstairs
11:50: Random lobby noises and ramblings. Please skip through the dull silence!
14:38: My former RA appears
16:25: I continue waiting, sitting out on the wall
19:14: The bells in the tower of the nearby administration building start playing. Even though I had no idea what song was playing, I now think it was “Precious Lord.”
21:41: Sarah and Rachael arrive simultaneously.
22:15: The first utterance of the realization of the night: “It’s daylight!” (During the semester, Bible study started at 7:30 pm, hence usually after sundown.)
23:04: Sarah passes around a card for us to sign for the Roeskes.
24:10: Random car chatting.
28:33: Lisa joins us.
34:24: We arrive at the house. Random mingling follows.

SS11: Podcasting About Disability

April 25, 2006

Hi everyone,
Inspired by Kerri’s post on the topic, I talk a little bit about my life as a blind student on campus. Enjoy

A Walk Around the Block

April 11, 2006

I go for a walk around my block. Featuring the “mysterious” debris-collecting truck, the NiMo box and the FedEx man.

Exciting News

March 31, 2006

In this episode:
I announce the creation of the podcast’s own page and website
I go through my blogroll, pointing out some of my favorite podcasts and blogs.
I say random things about the weather and my plants.
I discuss the process I have to go through in order to do research with articles that are images.
I touch on the latest Bio lab field trip.
I recap ways to contact me, including the Frappr map.
Music: Elusive Butterfly by Geoff Byrd

Yea! we have a site!

March 30, 2006

That’s right! The podcast now has it’s own site! This will make things a lot neater, I think!
This is only a test post. However, the next episode will tell all about the cool new things that the podcast has, like it’s own email address!